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Open Frame Solenoids

As other linear solenoids open frame solenoids are on/off type actuators and develop force in one direction when energised. The return force must be provided externally, e.g. by a return spring.

Standard versions are pull type solenoids, but also push type versions can be made as custom versions. We also offer latching solenoids, where one position is based on the magnetic attraction by a permanent magnet with no electrical power applied.

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Open Frame Solenoids are the most cost effective version of linear solenoids. They are used in many versions in all kind of applications, which causes a wide spread of requirements regarding quantities, delivery time, quality and last but not least price. That's why we work with three production lines with different manufacturing equipment and locations. The according product families have their own profile for specific market segments.

open frame linear solenoids
SK Series
TO Series
RD Series
most costly
cost-effective in high volume
cost-effective in small volume
lead time
8-10 wks
8-10 wks
<3-4 wks ex factory
for quantities up to 10k
>500k cycles
>500k cycles
>500k cycles
available for orders >500pcs.
available for orders >5,000pcs.
available for orders >500pcs.

General characteristics of Open Frame Solenoids:

  • stroke up to 15mm (depending on type)
  • holding force up to 30N (in endposition, energised)
  • life time up to 5 million cycles
  • miniature versions: standard versions from 8 x 10 x 15mm
  • many mechanichal options
  • rapid delivery service for RD series (4 weeks)

Open Frame Solenoids Catalogue Part (RD- and TO series)

Open Frame Solenoids Modifications Customisation

latching solenoids

Latching solenoids are solenoids with permanent magnet; they are mainly manufactured as Open Frame Solenoids. Latching Solenoids exhibit magnetic attraction between plunger (moveable iron component) and pole piece (fixed iron component) with no electrical power applied. Latching solenoids are ideally suited to applications where the "moving" time is very short compared to holding time in the closed position, and where the system may be required to maintain either the open position or the closed (pulled in) position for a prolonged period of time.

General characteristics of Latching Solenoids:

  • stroke up to 15mm (depending on type)
  • holding force up to 36N (in endposition, deenergised (no current))
  • bistable versions (dual coil) available
  • special version for higher actuation force (lower holding force): Leakage Pole Type
  • life time up to >5 million cycles
  • miniature versions: standard dimension from 4 x 8 x 15mm, custom design even smaller!
  • many mechanichal options

Latching Solenoids, single coil Latching Solenoids single coil

Latching Solenoids, double coil Catalogue Part

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