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We specialise in design and supply of advanced
actuation devices for your next generation products.

Custom actuator designs

Many applications can be solved with standard actuators and we offer a wide range of standard products to be able to offer a quick and cost effective solution for those applications.

But we can do more for you: if your application is more demanding and cannot be solved with standard products, we are happy to work with you either on a modified standard product or even on a completeley customised design!

products / custom actuator designs

Standard products or slightly modified version of, can be used in most applications and will perform their task to a satisfactory standard. They will complete the task, but are not necessarily in the most efficient nor effective way. They are in part designed to be generic so that they can cover a wide range of application. One of our key competences is the design and development of advanced solution, which integrate with your application to give an optimised result. We have many satisfied customers that we have worked with to develop specialist products, that we are supplying on a regular bases as they find our next generation of actuation solutions the best way to achieve the results they are after and in some case surpass there expectations:

DSMH stepper motor

typical modifications and design options

  • Voice Coil Actuators: shaft configuration (including bearing, e.g. flex bearing), coil winding, electrical termination (flex circuit), different form factors, completely new designs



  • Solenoid Actuators: shaft configuration, coil winding, environmental conditions, noise reduction



  • Stepping Motors: shaft configuration (including bearing), coil winding, electrical termination

  • Clutches: shaft configuration, coil winding, electrical termination

  • Electromagnets: coil winding, electrical termination, completely new designs

geeplus electromechanical solutions

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